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      JSR 262 Early Access 4 (October 2008) Release notes

JSR 262 Public Review Reference Implementation (RI). This RI is based on the
Web Services (WS) Management protocol. WS-Management is a Distributed Management 
Task Force (DMTF) standard. The specification available on the DMTF web site at

The JSR 262 RI project is a project available at the following web  


- The JSR 262 RI has a dependency on JAX-WS 2.1.4. You can download JAX-WS 2.1.4 from
For more information on how to install and set up JAX-WS, please read the 
index.html file located in the samples directory after you install JSR 262.

- Wiseman, an open Source Java implementation of WS-Management 
( is bundled with this RI.
You do not need to download or install Wiseman. The Wiseman core classes are 
present in wiseman-core.jar (wiseman CVS tag jsr262-release-ea4-2008-october-13, 
build ID 200806041423). 

Wiseman is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. A copy 
of this license is present in the ThirdPartyLicense.txt file.

Although this RI is a compliant JMX Connector, it can be accessed from native 
WS-Management clients.
Interoperability has been tested with :
- Windows Vista winRM 
- Wiseman 1.0 clients (Java API for WS-Man,
Some samples written in VBScript present a concrete example of such interoperability.

Known Limitations / Issues

- Security limitations
    + No Subject delegation. The defined protocol does not convey an identity.
      For HTTP Basic Authentication, the identity is the one located in an HTTP header.
      If HTTPS mutual authentication is used, the identity is the client X500 certificate.

- Exceptions
    + This is not a limitation but a change of behavior. On the client 
      side, when an exception is re-constructed, if the Exception class is
      not found, an IOException is constructed. RMI would have failed with a 

- Connection
    + Server side tracking of connection is not as reactive as with an RMI ConnectorServer. Close Connection Notification
     is sent when the connection times out. With RMI, the Notification is sent when the Connector client calls close.

- removeNotificationListener(ObjectName, ObjectName, Filter, handback) doesn't 
  work on top of JSR 262. Please use removeNotificationListener(ObjectName, ObjectName);

Tested Platforms
   * Java SE 5.0 Update 16 build 2
   * Java SE 6 Update 10 build 33

Operating systems
   * Solaris 10
   * Windows Vista

Differences with the EA 3
- Changed SetAttribute mapping to WS-Man to support XmlFragment. Doing so we are aligned with WS-Management semantic.

- Optimized OpenTypes XML mapping. XML representation of these types is 3 times shorter.

- Partialy failing MBean (MBean that are throwing Exception when getting some of their attributes) are now properly handled

- New samples to cover interoperability with VBScript.

- New doclet tool to generate documentation that details the JMX to WS-Management mapping of MBean.

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