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Project Description

Welcome to the Web Services Connector for JavaTM Management Extensions (JMXTM) Agents Reference Implementation Project.

This project develops and evolves the reference implementation of JSR 262 specification.

The JSR 262 defines a connector for JMX that uses Web Services to make JMX instrumentation available remotely. JMX Connector semantics are preserved when connecting from a JMX Client.

WS-Management standard from the DMTF (specification) is the protocol in use in the connector.

This Connector allows WS-Man native clients to interoperate with JMX Agent. Such clients can be written in Java language or not (C, C#, JavaScript, Perl, ...).

Latest news

  • October 2008. Early Access 4 of the Connector is available! Download auto-extractible jar file. Differences with the Early Access 3 are detailed in the release notes.
  • February 2008. Public Review of JSR 262 has started.
  • February 2008. Microsoft WinRM Interoperability document has been updated with Public Review changes. This document can be downloaded there.
  • Presentation of JSR 262 state of the art and demo at JavaOne. During JMX Technology: Who's Doing What, Technical Session, an interoperability demo between Microsoft WinRM and the RI EA 2 has been presented.
  • WS Connector in AJAX application demo at JavaOne 2006. During Technical Session TS-3523.

JSR 262

JSR 262 defines a connector for the JMX Remote API that uses Web Services to make JMX instrumentation available remotely. Clients do not have to be Java applications, but can be.
For more information see [JSR 262 on]



Licensing terms of project deliverables.


Connector documentation

  • Samples code and javadoc provide a good starting point to handle the connector.
  • WinRM Interoperability explained. This document contains WinRM CLI, Vista EventViewer setup and some VBScript examples.

Additionnal documentation

Source Code

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